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May 17, 2010

Do you know why LLoyd has two l’s in it?

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because it comes from Welsh – a double l is a letter in its own right as in Llewellyn, llan, etc.  Apparently the double l makes a th sound in the Welsh language.  Now you know.

Here are two articles I read this morning:  (1) Keep on keeping on, and (2) The glory of plodding. I found both to be an encouragement.

Speaking of popcorn, someone mentioned a new business in town selling kettle popcorn.  I have a love hate relationship with kettle corn.  I’ve eaten it and really enjoyed it and then sometimes not so much.  Anyway, due to my obsessive compulsive personality type I couldn’t get this out of my mind and decided I had to try and find a recipe.  Which I did.  Do you know that  mixture of oil, sugar and popcorn kernels set on a hot stove has a high probability of burning. . . especially if the phone rings right in the middle of the experiment.

The result of test recipe one:  yuck.  Ditched it in the trash.  But because I had already decided I needed a sweet and salty popcorn and time was ticking (and I didn’t think my husband would have appreciated a second burned pot of corn) I made an old standby that my kiddies really enjoy.  Pop yourself a bowl of corn (I use a hot air popper).  Melt some butter and mix with an equal amount of honey.  Pour over corn.  Salt.  Enjoy.  Very yummy.

I hope no one suggests anything today . . . I’m still trying to figure out the kettle corn thing . . . I should probably just go buy a bag.

Happy Monday.



  1. I think we should all call him Thoyd when he comes to visit.
    Hurry up with figuring out that popcorn so you can make it for us.

    Comment by Jim Hepting — May 17, 2010 @ 9:01 am | Reply

  2. Good-night, (anyone recognize that phrase?) I did it again. Forgot to see which name was in the comment box. The last comment was by me NOT Jim.

    Comment by Verena — May 17, 2010 @ 9:07 am | Reply

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